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Hope all of  you are in a healthy and blessed state J Of course our qalbi too. So, there goes our topic for today.


 Qalbi is an Arabic word. It literally means heart. It beats about 72 per minutes for an adult rate, 100, 000 times a day, and averagely 35 million times a year. Scientifically, heart functions to pump blood to all parts of our body. The blood carries oxygen through our amazing vessels, so that we can go alive. In a Mathematical description, a heart-shaped curve is believed to be approximately formed in this formula:


Aristotle considered heart as the seat of emotion, reason or thought. In the view of that, most people express their love feelings in this form to get over the shyness in words.

If on the facebook, it goes as simple as like this: <3, aha! I know some people struggled, have been struggling or are still struggling to deal with it. Indeed, it happened to me.
It is also easy for our hearts to get wobbly, unstable, fall apart, empty or precisely in a typical malay saying “tak sedap hati”.  Have we ever pondered ourselves the reasons, sometimes, our hearts appear to have some holes? (When I say this I meant, ‘a rusty heart’)

In my own little view, I would say  we should consider our relationships conduct  between Allah (habluminallah) and human beings (habluminannas). Hmm, let’s reflect together.  

Prophet Muhammad once said: "Indeed, the human heart will rust as iron by water." When one of them asked, "How do I make this carefully clean again?" The Messenger said, "Always remember the dead and read the Qur'an."

 Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Ingatlah, dalam tubuh manusia itu ada segumpal daging. Kalau segumpal daging itu baik, maka akan baiklah seluruh tubuhnya. Tetapi, bila rosak, niscaya akan rusak pula seluruh tubuhnya. Segumpal daging itu bernama qolbu!” (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim).
Salam with loves : Anyza


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