OMQ!!! "Drag me to HEAVEN rather than HELL!" :(

what a controversial statement!!!. But THIS WILL BE a true statement if you are willing to unlock your heart and read the post before judging it :P 

Kui2...I often heard someone say that ''If you are aiming for the heaven,  then don't leave me alone behind'' (*Drag me as well LOL...:D)

this statement is subjected to one's interpretation, some people can understand the meaning behind it, some people understand it literally from its language and some even understand beyond the language. 

This is what i thought; this statement is referring to a person known as 'FRIEND'. So...

Dear friend,

It is no doubt that we share the same interests. u always  know what i want and what i like. 
 when you are in need and crave for someone to talk to, you definitely know where and to whom to turn to (of course that person is me, right?? ;D)
sometimes, i'm not strong enough to tell u what is right and what is wrong. because i know, we both know. [but what do we know???] we both know that Islam is to hear and to obey, however, we often try to justify our act or omission whenever it is beyond the Quran and Sunnah and ignore the fact that we are muslims and the best guide is to go back to the holy scripture.  

There is a question to ponder about; Are We Still On The Right Track???

For example,  I f u ask me to hang out, i will say 'YES', if u say 'A' i will say 'A' too. In short i always be by your side when you laugh and cry.We are just like sisters or more like twins. xoxo! 

Things that i regret the most; when u ask for my advice, is that the best advice that i should give?? when u ask me to hang out with u, is that the best way to entertain you? when u always be by my side, am i the right person to be on your side?

who is the best adviser that can heal your heart??? who is the best friend that can always be by your side even if i am not around in this world?? what is the best thing to do to entertain one's heart??? Hang out? karaoke? shopping? are these what are we looking for in our life????

i don't want to be the best adviser if that advise is not going to bring u close to Allah, i don't want to be your best friend if i'm not a good friend with Allah, i don't want to say yes every time u ask me out if that will make us astray from remembering Allah...

Indeed, i do believe that everyone want to be a good Muslim friend and not just a good friend. But how????? 

3 Criteria for Choosing a Good Muslim Friend:

1. If you see them; they will remind you of Allah swt
2. Their way of life will guide you to the path of Allah swt
3. Their speech will increase your Imaan

are we listed on the list???............................................................................................................................!!!!!!!!

''Allah please guide us to improve ourselves so that we can be a good muslim friend" Ameen...

your heart and my heart are belong to Allah,                     
let us go back to Al-Quran and As- Sunnah,
May there is nasrullah...
along the journey to Jannah...Ameen...

p/s: Before you guys leave this post, i found this poem from; just want to share with you guys. it is related to our topic today;

Diamku tak bererti aku membenarkan
Bukan juga mengiyakan apa saja yang kau lakukan
Bisingku tidak bererti aku menyalahkan
Bukan juga melukakan
Tapi kerana aku amat menyayangimu
Maka aku cuba sedaya yang termampu
Menarikmu bersama mencari keredhaan-Nya
Di bumi yg terbentang luas ini
Kerana sayangku kepadamu
Maka aku cuba... dan terus mencuba!
Aku tak mahu berjalan mencari cahaya seorang diri
Dan membiarkan kau tergapai-gapai dalam kegelapan
Andai aku jumpa jalan
Tak akan kubiar kau sesat mencari jalan pulang
Aku akan! Itu janjiku!
Tapi hari ini hatiku benar-benar terguris
Terguris dengan tindakanmu
Terguris dengan janji palsumu untuk bersama-samaku mencari cahaya
Dan hati ini tiba-tiba timbul rasa benci
Benci kepada manusia yang menarik kau kembali ke jalan yang gelap
Hampir saja hari ini aku mungkiri janjiku itu
Namun tiba-tiba aku sedar
Andai ku biar janjiku itu terkubur bersama amarahku
Aku sama saja sepertimu
Andai ku biar janjiku itu terkubur bersama amarahku
Pasti si durjana bersorak gembira atas kelemahan jiwa mujahid ini
Andai ku biar janjiku itu terkubur bersama amarahku
Pasti, pasti pemilik cahaya itu akan bertanya kepadaku
Mengapa aku biarkan kau dalam kegelapan?
Aku tak mahu berjumpa dengan pemilik cahaya itu keseorangan..
Tak mahu..!
Kerana aku sayang kamu..
Maka aku akan cuba..dan terus mencuba!
Walau sekeping hatiku ini akan terluka teruk
Aku akan terus mencuba
Kerana aku sayang kamu, sahabatku



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