::Our QuRAN:

Assalamualaikum wbt 

This guy claims himself reading the Quran every day. Oh Allah please opens his heart to the true path.  (Don't be so judgemental ya!)


Can we utilize our time till like this? If yes, You are entirely welcome to do sooo... If Not, my ustazah once said:
'Students, when reading the Quran comes to laziness, the laziest thing that you can do just look at the Quran". She further added that, "I'm not encouraging to not read the Quran, but through this way, it seems like you still have heart upon it". 

To me, I absolutely agree with my lovely ustazah Asiah. As Allah said in the Quran ;

 Al-lail: 92; 4 " Certainly your efforts and deeds are diverse (different in aim and purposes)"

p/s: See!, Allah the Almighty, He knows His servants ultimately well. Let's do the very best folks :))

Salam with loves: Anyza


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